Baby Care

Lancers International School Baby Centre

The Joy of Personalised Care/ Uninterrupted Play and Freedom to Explore

Every baby in our care is special with a unique set of needs and preferences. LIS Baby Centre helps attune to your child’s needs and make him feel secure, appreciated and engaged.

Our LIS Baby Centre is developed after a thorough discussion with the family, ensuring the care your child receives is similar to the care he receives at home. We replicate their individual home routines (eating and sleeping) so that their transition to Lancers is smooth and comfortable.

At Lancers, we follow the Magda Gerber’s RIE philosophy, the basis of which is respect for, and trust in the baby to be an initiator, an explorer, and a self learner. The RIE philosophy also suggests that children should have time for uninterrupted play, and the freedom to engage with other infants.

That’s why instead of trying to teach babies new skills, we appreciate what the babies already know and support their natural learning abilities to extend it beyond limitations. By involving the child in all activities, we allow him or her to become an active participant rather than a passive recipient.

We keep each family regularly updated about their child’s development through an electronic portfolio, Storypark. This engaging tool allows us to communicate learning as it happens via photos, video, audio and observations.

Our staff of carers and educators are trained to give individual attention to each child and support development and growth. A paediatric nurse is also in class to care for each child’s health and well-being.

While no one day will ever be the same, there are foundational practices and routines each day that will enrich a baby’s experience at Lancers Baby Centre.


These practices form the framework of our programme, ensuring high quality baby and toddler development and readiness.


An added feature of our program is its flexibility and convenience – families can opt programmes at their convenience.


Touch and Bond

Mum and child sessions are often scheduled in which the teacher leads social and interactive session with families. This encourages the mum and child to bond while learning from each other, build knowledge and stronger relationship.

Uncover and Explore

Our teachers set up a range of learning areas with different experiences and learning goals. The children choose a learning area that interests them and work with resources and materials tailored to that specific theme. The teacher facilitates and guides the play to help achieve the desired learning outcomes.


The brain develops rapidly and should be constantly stimulated to explore and make connections with the world around them.  Students learn the foundational skills of mathematics, language, art and music.

Touch and Bond

  • Enjoy getting to know each other through cuddles, talks, and relationship building
  • Identify signals when the infant is sleepy or hungry
  • Learn how to be attentive and responsive
  • Taking walks to enjoy the surroundings, relaxing and being around other children

Uncover and Explore

  • The essentials of tummy time and motor skills development
  • Value of toys and safe objects to reach for, hold, and explore
  • Learning texture

EY Spark

  • Stimulate an interest in sounds and help develop listening skills
  • Exposure to different stories to build vocabulary, stimulates imagination, and improves communication skills
  • Participation in interactive music classes to show sensitivity to the pitch structure in music
  • This enriched experience with sound other than language can influence infants’ speech sound processing and improve brain development
  • Practice sign language

Touch and Bond

  • Continue to bond through cuddles, talks and nature walks
  • Identifying and setting up routines
  • Understanding separation anxiety

Uncover and Explore

  • Focusing attention to what the baby enjoys, and giving the freedom to use all his senses to play and discover
  • Offer crayons and paper, stacking blocks, empty food containers, and pots and pans to play with
  • Becoming an eager explorer, crawls or scoots
  • Sit and grab anything
  • Learn how to cruise and begin to take some solo steps before first birthday

EY Spark

  • Create babbling sounds like real conversation
  • Developing first words and talk in simple phrases
  • Explore gestures to indicate what he wants – or doesn’t want! – and pays close attention to words spoken
  • Use music to move
  • Continue to read a variety of stories and build vocabulary
  • Exploring baby milestones

Touch and Bond

  • Develop better routines
  • Understand separation anxiety
  • Build independence
  • Introduce self-control

Uncover and Explore

  • Potty training
  • Pretend play
  • Water and sand play

EY Spark

  • Identify shapes and colors
  • Begin to learn letters, sounds and numbers
  • Scribble with a crayon, build towers of four or more blocks, throw a ball, and enjoy filling and emptying containers
  • Sing and dance
  • Developmental milestones

Lancers Guidelines for Infant Care

At Lancers, we not only work upon developing the intellect of your child but also help further develop your child’s motor skills by:

  • Ensuring that the child moves his whole body during play time
  • Plays with his feet and toes
  • Makes crawling movements when lying on his stomach
  • Learns to raise his head and chest when lying on his stomach
  • Develops the ability to stand alone for short periods of time
  • Uses his own hands to feed himself
  • Makes an effort to sit up on his own

We go to great lengths to assimilate a child into a new environment by allowing him the space and time to get familiar with his surroundings and peers. We also work upon his social skills by:

  • Helping the child recognise and respond to his own name
  • React to the presence of another child in the vicinity
  • Get familiar with smiling and laughing
  • Being able to recognise familiar faces and stretch his arms, waiting to be picked up
  • Express discomfort or anxiety on his face around strangers

Emotions are a wonderful way for a child to express his feelings. At Lancers, we help familiarise the child with a range of emotions as he learns to:

  • Laugh, especially during social interactions
  • Show excitement when he receives a toy
  • Become more comfortable with eating and sleeping patterns
  • Is happy to see faces he recognises
  • Expresses enthusiasm on his face when he is around his parent or principal caregiver

The initial milestones for a child’s cognitive ability are extremely crucial and at Lancers, we’ve come up with specific activities to trigger these cognitive abilities in a child’s mind as he:

  • Starts to learn through sensory experiences
  • Likes playing with toys and scrunching paper
  • Develops a taste for certain foods
  • Learns to explore objects with his mouth
  • Looks towards the direction where the sound is coming from

Language is a great tool for a child to articulate his needs accurately. Therefore, we’ve come up with various ways to help young children pick up both verbal and non-verbal cues to express themselves accurately by:

  • Expressing his needs and cries
  • Learning to copy sounds
  • Start babbling and repeating sounds
  • Waving goodbye
  • Imitating actions and sounds
  • Smiling at his own image in the mirror