Preschool in Gurgaon

Preschool in Gurgaon

Preschool in Gurgaon is gaining top notch popularity for giving the little ones a head start into a better future. They design the curriculum and learning process as per the age and ability of the child. Every child is different and unique in their own way. Thus, schools like Lancers Startup offer different activities and plays to connect the different interest of children.

Children at this age are just stepping into the school environment. At the age of 2, they find playing games more interesting than learning educational concepts. In essence, they are just starting out in the world with their own desires and wants. Lancers Startup – the best preschool in Gurgaon understands this of the children. Learning processes and concepts for the little ones that enroll between the ages of 12 months to 3.5 years is different and in accordance with their age. Their education process generally consists of different games and activities. These activities aim at getting the child ready for future education.

Lancers Startup – Top Preschool in Gurgaon

The school has its own perception of these young children’s mind and how easily one can influence them to think in a certain manner. Thus, it is imperative to provide them with a safe and progressive environment. All children really need is good and developing surrounding to flourish. The three main pillars of this surrounding are parents, teachers, and friends. This environment, thus, should be completely secure for the child to channel their interest safely.

Lancers Startup Preschool in Gurgaon offers such kind of atmosphere to these little girls and boys. The children can be their most true self here and feel safe enough to explore the world around. All the teachers, caretakers and staff members undergo regular training. This training basically aids them to give structure to the child’s learning environment and shape their personality in a positive manner.

Why Parents Choose Lancers Startup as Preschool in Gurgaon?

Lancers Startup offers best learning processes for children at daycare school in Gurgaon to nursery school in Gurgaon. However, it’s preschool section is equally popular.

  • Most of the young families choose Lancers for their toddlers seeing the quality of teaching and the environment of the school.
  • The top condition of facilities, infrastructure as well as resources are other equally important parts of the school.
  • The school ensures the child is ready to transition into the next level of learning at the nursery school level.
  • Another reason is the caring environment that the child gets to grow in.
  • Teachers at Lancers ensure children feel safe and secure at all times. This helps to develop qualities and skills without feeling forced.

Thus, keeping the learning environment of the school in mind, there is no doubt that Lancers Startup deserves the title of the best preschools in Gurgaon. This ultimately means that parents can rest assured knowing their child is in capable hands.

Lancers offers a correct balance of learning concepts through a different range of activities and games. Equally qualified and trained staff members along with top-notch learning resources ensure the atmosphere of preschool is warm and caring. The ultimate goal of the school is to teach children new concepts through different means of learning.

Different Aspects Making Lancers Startup Best Preschool in Gurgaon

Lancers Startup has divided the learning atmosphere of your little one into different parts. Moreover, these aspects combine together to form a warm and safe environment to grow into. We focus on the right standard of education, values, and principles that have a positive influence on the child. These aspects are listed below.

Learning Environment and Care

At Lancers Startup teachers and staff believe in giving a little personal approach and care to all the children. The learning process is subjective to the skills and capabilities of the child. Thus, the educational approach is different for every child. Moreover, the pace of learning for all children is also different. The school offers an environment that accords the child with a path to explore and figure out their interest areas and skills. They are also exposed to future education concepts like Language, numbers, and music.

Complete Transparency in Safety

Security of children, from the moment they become part of Lancers Startup, is given top priority. The parents can access the CCTV footage of their child at any point to check on his/her progress. Moreover, they are only allowed to leave the school premises in the company of known and accounted for adults. Parents have to register the person picking up the child. Lastly, all the staff members undergo police verification and other imperative tests to ensure only the best take care of your child.

Easy Communication

The communication channels between the school and parents are treated as a top priority by the school staff. Parents can connect with the school at any point of the day to know the progress of their child. Moreover, for parents with a pressing emergency, our in-house daycare service is also available. We ensure that all the staff members involved in taking care of your munchkin can be contacted in case of an issue. Thus, with our proactive approach towards child’s well being and support any parent can perform other tasks stress-free.

Lancers Startup Health and Diet

One aspect which greatly influences the development and growth of young children is their eating habits. At Lancers, the quality of food given to these toddlers is always high. The in-house chef of the school crafts delicious delicacies for the children with fresh ingredients. Moreover, the kitchen staff makes way to market early in the morning every day to buy vegetables and fruits.

Excellent Teaching and Training Culture

Lancers Startup fosters a developing culture for which it has been called one of the best preschools in Gurgaon. The teachers along with staff members relating directly with the children undergo numerous training regimes. These training sessions are imperative to be in tune with the latest trends functioning in the Early Childhood Education system. Moreover, the teachers are only hired once they clear the tough screening process as we know that the future of your child is being given in their hands.

Preschool in Gurgaon – Daily Routine

The daily routine of the children to an extent remains the same for all days. However, the way of performing these activities and playing games may change. This routine helps to develop a child’s personality in order to make the transition towards nursery school easier. The activities, on one hand, focus on developing the language skills, logical reasoning and the numeric ability of the child. On the other hand, activities with group participation allow developing qualities like sharing, social and emotional skills and focusing on learning the environment.

The literary atmosphere of the top preschool in Gurgaon caters to different aspect and zones of learning. All the aspects combine together to offer an environment conducive for positively building upon the personality and intellectual growth.

Common Schooling Activities

  • Arrival and introduction
  • Circle time or similar to know your peers
  • Concept of the day
  • Centering activities around the concept inclusive of language, numbers, arts and crafts, blocks and role play and exploring nature.
  • Lastly, fun activities like storytelling, music and dance, creative art and outdoor games.

At Lancers Startup Preschool in Gurgaon, the belief of many is that every child is rare and has a unique skill set. All the activities and games gear at motivating them to explore these skills and capabilities to their full potential. The motto of the school is to give new experiences and a platform to the little ones to grow comfortably. The children are allowed to dream and pave new ways of forging their own future in their unique style.