Nursery School in Gurgaon

Nursery School in Gurgaon

Parents tout Lancers Startup as one of the top nursery school in Gurgaon. It has gained so much popularity due to its focus and excellence on the personal growth of little ones. Its inherent quality of designing the curriculum to support the needs of growing children has made the school best in the city.

The school offers learning environment from the ages 12 months in daycare school to 4 years in nursery school. The environment centering on these little ones is calm, secure and motivating. In order for them to grow into global citizens, these students require certain personality traits and values. Thus, its no wonder, Lancers Startup is known as the best play school in Gurgaon.

Lancers Startup – Best Nursery School in Gurgaon

The whole set up of the school with its learning atmosphere, curriculum, and infrastructure depicts its motto of ensuring the future of the children is bright. Furthermore, they work on bringing out the hidden talents and skills of the children. The point is to make children enjoy the school atmosphere. Lancers Startup leaves no stone unturned in this.

The learning process for children in Nursery school level aims at getting them ready for their foray in primary school. For this development of intellectual skills like logical reasoning and language abilities are important. Thus, the curriculum is based on the same. Moreover, it also pays attention to the creativity aspect of the child.

The school has achieved a lot since its inception. One of them being an award for top preschool in Gurgaon. Apart from this, it is also a favorite choice for parents with young children as it offers a safe and playful environment. Its excellence over the development of children is at par with some of the other top nursery school in Gurgaon. Competence and guarantee of nurturing the young future of the country to its best ability to make the school one the best option for your child’s future.

Qualities – Nursery School in Gurgaon Focuses On

Nursery schools are one step away from the primary school where the actual education concepts start featuring. Before your child enters this domain of education it is important to make them aware of their surroundings. Moreover, for this very learning process, a child needs to recognize and develop certain personality traits. Their character needs molding for positive and global citizens. These traits and qualities get worked on from the young age and nursery school pay special attention to them. We are listing some of the qualities that require special focus.


The difference top play schools in Gurgaon make is the encouragement children receive to be more open. They have complete belief in their skills as the environment they grow in allowed for exploration of skills. The children develop the self-reliance ability to perform even the toughest tasks in a calm manner.

Logical Thinking

This aspect of intellectual development is necessary for a brighter future and successful life. It allows an individual to look at a problem and figure out reasons, questions and analyze it in a calm fashion. The development of this skill starts early on in children to help them with maths and other educational concepts. Moreover, children are also able to tackle everyday school issues calmly due to this quality.


There are situations which require singular effort from the individual. However, some tasks can only be handled with group efforts. Nursery school in Gurgaon understands the importance to make children learn to work together with others. Moreover, this quality helps to develop other qualities like social and leadership skills, patience, respect towards other and in-depth understanding.

Being Inquisitive

Children by birth carry the quality of curiosity. They want to learn how, why, what, when and where of every single thing. However, at times we unknowingly crush this quality by reacting negatively to their questions. Nursery schools in Gurgaon believe in making children more intuitive towards their questions. Moreover, they ensure the child is not a passive learner and asks all the questions they wish on the topic. Children should be encouraged to inquire, investigate and seek the knowledge they require to make sound decisions. This is where encouragement through schools can make a difference.

Imagination and Innovation

Two most important factors for any child to shine are to imagine and be innovative with their tasks. Creativity is the root difference between a progressing child and a passive learner. Thinking out of the box allows the children to look at a situation from a different manner. Moreover, creativity breeds passion which further leads to discovering new things.


Another quality that sets an individual into a global citizen section is being empathic towards others. It builds good morals which are one potential quality of a good humanitarian. Through compassion one can show love and care towards other human beings by being compassionate and sympathetic. Moreover, this virtue has to be built over time in children to resonate in their personality.


Top nursery schools in Gurgaon help to develop the quality of dedication and commitment in the children. This will help to make them put in extra effort into their tasks and interest zones. Moreover, this will ensure the child finishes the tasks they start and dedicate their full potential towards the favorable solution. Even the school Lancers Startup is committed to making the children full of assurance on the capabilities for a brighter future.

Top Nursery Schools Guide for Self Discovery

It is highly important for a child to discover all the traits, interests and passion one can about them. Moreover, this helps to know the potential of the child and also the areas where they will have to put in extra efforts. For this very purpose, children are introduced to activities that make them happy, realize their inherent potential, social and emotional awareness in a safe learning environment.

All these characteristics lead the child to develop the skills we have listed above. This will further result in the complete personality development of the children.  Furthermore, some other facts regarding best nursery schools in Gurgaon are

  • Children are versatile and with little focus are very much capable of surprising with their skills.
  • They are enthusiastic in showing their new skills and talent given little motivation and encouragement.
  • Top nursery school in Gurgaon make a difference by encouraging and appreciating the child’s creativity and passion.
  • Hence, children are given free rein to display full passion in maximum energy possible and imbibing social qualities.
  • All the activities and learning processes aim at children getting to know each other and communicating to finish given tasks.

Lancers Startup  Curriculum – Nursery School in Gurgaon

The learning curriculum set for children in Lancers Startup is as easy going as possible. All the processes and activities aimed at developing an all-round personality. Moreover, the school teaches children to handle the pressure of primary education in a fun way.

The design of the curriculum is based on the intellectual approach with an equal focus on all skills, abilities, interest and passion zone of children. Thus, fun activities like role play, puppet show, circle time etc that teacher organize help to complete all the goals listed below –

  • Complete personality growth and development.
  • The hands-on approach to learning
  • Developing intellectual abilities like logical reasoning and social/emotional skills like empathy and caring
  • Discovering key abilities about one’s own personality.
  • Sound and sensitive values
  • Integrity and morals

The curriculum is designed keeping the child’s requirement and need as key. Thus, the whole education is an integrated approach towards forming an intellectual global citizen with the skills to compete in the world.