Developing literacy abilities in young children is one task that top nursery school in Gurgaon take pride in. With the inclusion of activities ranging from storytelling, drawing to writing and games children gain a new perspective on literacy development. Parents can also help in this activity by guiding children through words on billboards and other days to day things.

Creating a strong literacy base is imperative at such an early age. Children can have fun along the way by going through activities like reading, writing, listening to stories and games. Furthermore, normal everyday activities like visiting the library of the nursery school in Gurgaon and supermarket can help in setting up this base.

Another key point is that these activities do not require any extra effort. Parents can introduce literacy development through activities like sorting shopping list or reading the favorite nursery rhyme. Moreover, there is no minimum age as even infants and toddlers like listening to stories and converse with adults around them.

Nursery School in Gurgaon

Top Nursery School in Gurgaon

Top Nursery School in Gurgaon Engage in Range of Literacy Activities

There are different kinds and categories of activities that schools and parents both can focus on. We are listing some of the common ones and how they help your child.

Top Nursery School in Gurgaon Focus on Conversing and Singing

Conversing leads to the development of speaking skills while singing helps in listening skill in children. Some activities that help in both are-

  • Making up rhymes even if they are silly, is one way to teach children the same sounding words. It is advisable to use this activity whenever possible to entertain and teach children.
  • Children love singing nursery rhymes. They like it even better when parents or teachers of the top nursery school sing along. Moreover, this is the best time to make a base for language by learning rhyme, rhythm and repetition words.
  • Try to converse in the language your child understands. Make sounds, repeat the ones they make and try to make them imitate your sounds like a cow goes moo or cat goes meow.
  • Even activities like cooking can help your child. Guide them through a different process of making dishes, what they smell and taste like, and how it looks as well. It teaches them a little about other senses like smell, sight, and taste.
  • Try to entertain your children with the world around them. Talk to them about different noises they hear and ask them to imitate these noises. Some examples are a train, water, wind, and cars blowing the horn.
  • Play word activities like word puzzle or games like I Spy in combination with colors. Ask your child to locate and name different things with colors of red, blue and green.

Literacy Activities Including Writing and Drawing in Top Nursery School in Gurgaon

Children going to nursery school are learning to develop fine motor skills and good coordination between eyes and hands. One of the basic ways for this is through drawing or writing. Some activities involving both are –

  • Teach children to hold pencils and crayons in order to make them write, draw and color. You can ask them to prepare birthday cards with a little scribble of theirs. Moreover, they will be highly interested in writing letters in different colors.
  • Ask your children to copy alphabets in different colors. They will be especially interested in writing their name down on the paper with colorful crayons.
  • Play dough or safe clay can also be used to create letters and numbers.
  • Once they complete making a picture, ask them to explain about the drawing. Later on, help them to write down words relating to the drawing.

Another manner of creating a strong literacy base for any child is through reading. Nursery school in Gurgaon focus on reading aloud in class that helps in multiple aspects. Moreover, your child gains strong vocabulary and improves of listening and speaking skills. It is, however, better to allow them to pursue this activity with reading material that interests them.

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