There are certain qualities that a child uses to explore the world around including the kindergarten schools in Gurgaon. Their inherent curiosity to know how each thing happens and consequent questions they ask, at times leaves us without answers. It is the same for both parents and teachers as well. If we stop them from asking questions or don’t answer satisfactorily it might lead to curbing curiosity in them. Thus, the only solution is to give some form of answer.

Children, as they grow and learn to talk, will explore the world around and then ask numerous questions regarding the same. As per a survey, a normal curious kindergarten child can ask up to 70 questions in a day. It is no easy feat to answer as some of them can be an awkward question like how is baby formed? However, not answering is also not an option. Best kindergarten schools in Gurgaon like Lancers Startup offer insight into how to tackle the tough questions children ask.

Kindergarten Schools in Gurgaon

Kindergarten Schools in Gurgaon

Best Kindergarten Schools in Gurgaon Tackle Questions Related to Trust

It is quite common for us to warn our children against strangers. Some of the warnings we usually give our children are-

  • Don’t talk to strangers.
  • Be wary of certain uncles.
  • Who should children trust to spend time?
  • Children should not ask for help from strangers.
  • Lastly, taking food and candies from strangers is also not allowed.

The advice of many experts is to provide sufficient explanation to children. If parents are guiding their child not to talk to strangers, then top kindergarten schools also suggest instructing him/her why. Inform the child that they don’t know strangers at all that’s why they should not communicate with them.

Moreover, at times parents regard only strangers as a danger. We are not aware of the intent of everyone. The danger could come through known people as well.  Children can be taken advantage of from acquaintances. Thus the parents should warn their children to be on guard around everyone except family and close friends. In fact, communicate with your child to inform you in case anyone makes them conscious or uncomfortable. As parents and their favorite teachers in best kindergarten schools, it is our duty and responsibility to be alert and objective while dealing with their safety.

Kindergarten Schools in Gurgaon Dealing with Life and Death Questions

Another section where kindergarten children can ask embarrassing and awkward questions are about life and death. Some of the questions require parents and teachers to be vague while others can be answered in a few years. Some questions you might face are –

  • How is a baby born?
  • Why is mummy’s tummy growing big?
  • My grandparents have white hair while mine is brown, Why?
  • Why do people grow old?
  • Where did my fish or dog or cat go? (When the pet dies).
  • Why do people die?
  • Why can’t dead people talk?

Talking About Life

Herein, the expert advice of many educators running top kindergarten schools in Gurgaon is to be simple but logical. By taking the path of science and logic, it will be easy to explain the circle and cycle of life. It is important to inform the child about how with age everything grows old. Another way to explain this is to give a live example like the difference in palms between child, parents, and grandparents. By taking the scientific route you will give your child an opportunity to think and use their intellect.

Talking About Death

When talking about death, the best way is to start by talking about the death of a pet or plant. Most of the families have some kind of pet like a dog or fish. Talking about their death will prepare children about this eventuality as the lifespan of pets is lower than human. Another way of explaining death is by informing that when someone stops breathing they die. Many children especially going to kindergarten schools in Gurgaon are affected by the death of their beloved pet. By talking about their short life you may be able to avoid a bigger consequence.