Schools in Gurgaon include play school, preschool, nursery school, primary school and medium/secondary school. There are many which offer all these categories of school under one head. However, at times you might have to transfer your child from one school to another. Like children who go to only specific play school will have to upgrade their school and get a transfer.

This movement from one school could also be because of the shift in the locality of the home or shift to a new city altogether. If possible allow your child to stay in touch with old friends. This could make the move a little more bearable for children. Once you have tick marked the best schools in Gurgaon for your child’s future, try to visit the school.

Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon Transfer – General Tips

Before the first day of school, the child can make a visit so that they are aware of the area, school, teachers, and peers. Also, ensure that the child has all the correct school books and accessories to make the first day even easier. Once the initial few days of settling in are over, try and connect with school and teachers to know how the child is doing. Moreover, it is important to know how the child is feeling about the school. Remember, it may be one of the top schools in Gurgaon, but that does not mean it is the perfect match for your child. To help you make the transition of school easier for your child we are providing complete detail under following heads

  • How to Prepare Children for School Transfer?
  • Tips to Help Before, During and After Moving School
  • How to Help Children Settle in New School in Gurgaon?
  • What Kind of Challenges You and Child will Face?

How to Prepare Children for Schools in Gurgaon Transfer?

Moving to a new school is never easy no matter what the age is. It is at times even more difficult for little children. They resist this change in environment, school, and friends. In order to make the transfer easy, it is better to prepare them before the move starts. Talk to your little one about the possible move and try to include them in different decisions. This will make them feel important and also help you to know what they want. If possible take them to visit various top schools in Gurgaon so that they can decide which they like the best. Some other tips you can try are –

  • The moment you decide on transfer to a new city, communicate the same to your child. This will give them time to warm up to the idea of moving.
  • Show positivity, happiness, and enthusiasm about the moving. This will get them excited as well.
  • Motivate your child to make a list of things they want in their new school or room. Ask them to draw what or write what they want.
  • Another aspect you can touch is what they are not looking forward to. Encourage them to talk or write what concerns they have regarding their new nursery school in Gurgaon or preschool in Gurgaon. Discuss them in detail as well.
  • Lastly, have a list of all the schools in your new locality or city. Guide your child through these schools. Try and visit the ones you both like before enrolling in the school.

Tips to Help Before, During and After Moving Schools in Gurgaon

Once you have finalized the plan to move and transfer your child to a new school, your real planning starts. There are numerous ways you can make the shift in school easier for your child. Try and follow the tips below.

With the Old School and Neighborhood

  • Connect with the old principal and teachers to know what level the child stands at.
  • Make a portfolio listing all the skills, achievements and work child has done in the old school.
  • Try and create a scrapbook of the child’s friends and memories.
  • Have a list of friends of the school and community along with their contact information.
  • Plan a farewell party for your child to say goodbye to his/her close friends.

With the New Schools in Gurgaon and Neighborhood

  • Connect with the school’s principal and teacher to make a base of positive communication.
  • Moreover, also gain information regarding the learning process of the school. This will help to know whether it is the same as the old school or the child needs more support.
  • Buy a new uniform and books to make your child more enthusiastic.
  • Keep a check over the care facilities that child might have to use in case of medical emergency.
  • Communicate and connect the child with new school by visiting the premises before their first day. This will make the coming days easier for the child to know where certain facilities are.

How to Help Children Settle in Top Schools in Gurgaon?

As discussed above, the transfer of school can occur due to the change in the city as well. This, however, makes for a difficult phase for children. They have not only left their friends behind, to some extent a warm and secure environment is also not there. This is the time when little children require maximum attention from you. You can try the following tips to help your child settle in a new environment and new school as well.

  • Visit the school to meet the principal, class and subject teachers along with class group coordinator.
  • Another trick would be to visit the chosen schools in Gurgaon again after a week or so of the child joining the school. It will help to know how the child is settling in.
  • Ensure the child wears the correct uniform and has all the things available for each day. They are trying to fit in and having punishment for the wrong uniform will not help.
  • Another point to take care is having knowledge of what the child is doing within the week. This will help to put in the right equipment and also help with teaching in the home.
  • Keep a note of extra school facilities. Best schools in Gurgaon generally cater with a fully stocked library, canteen, and large sports ground.

Try and build good communication lines with the teachers and staff members taking care of your child. You can do this by connecting with teachers and taking part in school activities.

What Kind of Challenges you and Child will face with New Schools in Gurgaon?

Moving to a new place and school can present with new opportunities and also help in gaining new qualities like becoming more confident in talking to new people. However, at the same time, they can also pose new challenges which might be difficult for a child to overcome. Some of these challenges are-

  • There is a possibility that the new school is working on the same topics that the child has already learned. In such a case, it could be confusing if the manner of learning is different in both schools.
  • Moreover, another possibility is of missing out on topics already covered in new schools in Gurgaon that old one has not taught.
  • In case you are moving between countries or region like from north to south, then there could be a language barrier
  • If the new class has more children, then it is possible your child’s individual needs might not be met.
  • Children at a young age might face trouble in making friends easily. This could mean they will miss old friends for a longer period.

It is a fact that children can adapt to new surrounding easily at a young age. However, moving to a new city and enrolling in different schools in Gurgaon could be a difficult phase. At this time parents and teachers both need to pay attention to children’s needs regarding the transfer of school.