Holding a conversation and communicating is an important skill that schools in Gurgaon pay special attention to. Ideally, a child develops this skill slowly and positively as they grow from toddler to their teens and then adults. Positive speaking and hearing skills are part of a strong conversation. It includes talking etiquettes like taking turns to speak and responding politely. Moreover, this ability also helps children to learn not speaking back to elders.

Almost all the families are aware of this scenario at one point with young children.  You are conversing with your friend on phone or have neighbors over for coffee. Suddenly your toddler or young child rushes in with an emergency, well an emergency for him but not for you, and disrupts the conversation. Although such scenario can be little annoying, they are common and can be seen in every family.

Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon

Top Schools in Gurgaon Help with Listening and Speaking Skills

This step of communicating and conversing is a huge one for children and not easy to learn. The manner of learning communication etiquette depends to a certain extent on the attitude of the child. Children take a lot of time to learn this skill and need to pace themselves. Here, top schools in Gurgaon try to introduce self-regulation in children which helps to learn when to talk and when to focus on listening.

A child, who is outgoing and socially there in his/her circle, will have trouble stopping from talking. They would like to get included in all the conversation with them being the talker. On the other children with introvert mannerism, will probably want to listen more and talk less. It is the job play school in Gurgaon to encourage such children to speak more.  Learning both speaking and listening is important for young children. This skill is crucial to make friends and also make their desires and wants to be heard.

Best Schools in Gurgaon Teach When to Speak and Hear

Hearing, speaking and conversing to an extent are the skills that children learn from home. They learn from adults around them. When the parents, as well as teachers, speak to others around them the way children should respond, then the child easily learns to communicate etiquettes. They are more willing to wait for their turn to speak and will patiently listen to others. Certain aspects of these skill children can learn through proper guidelines and prompting.

  • Parents and teachers can teach the child to say ‘Thank You’ once another person has listened to their demands like going to park or getting chocolate.
  • Best schools in Gurgaon teach children to say ‘excuse me’ when they wish to interrupt a conversation. Children here face problem in waiting to be heard by their parents and teachers.
  • Parents at home can take part in teaching by play conversing with their children. They can teach question and answer manner of speaking.

Schools in Gurgaon Includes Following in Positive Talking and Listening

Positive and correct manner of listening and speaking includes many parts. Some of the important ones are

  • Initiating communication
  • The right amount of eye contact at a respectable distance
  • Using words like ‘Excuse Me’ and break in conversation to get attention.
  • Speaking your point calmly and without talking back
  • Being clear in putting your point across.

It is important for parents to remember that not all children learn at the same speed. Even while studying in the top schools in Gurgaon, your child may require certain reminders to correct their tone. However, putting unnecessary pressure to learn might make children more reluctant.

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