As one of the stepping stone in any child’s education preschool facilities in Gurgaon surely make the top list when looking for a school. Preschools, in essence, are the first learning experience that shapes the way a child looks and yearns for education. Thus, it is one of the most imperative decisions a parent makes when choosing any particular preschool in Gurgaon. The school you choose will greatly impact the cognitive as well as physical growth and development. Hence when you pick a preschool for your child ensure that they have below 3 main facilities of a high standard.

Security Facility of Preschools in Gurgaon

Safety of a child is not a small task and no one should take it lightly. When you pick any preschool, ask them what safety procedure they follow. Most of the top preschools in Gurgaon includes following in their safety and security procedures.

  • Trained staff members having complete knowledge on first aid support for infants and children.
  • Well equipped separate room for medical requirements.
  • A complete, mandatory and thorough background check of all employees.
  • Restrictive access to visitors beyond the main gate.
  • CCTV surveillance 24 hours for 7 days a week.
  • Viewing of playground, café, and classrooms through password protected network.
  • Pre-prepared plans in case of emergencies.

Top Quality Cleanliness in Best Preschool Facilities in Gurgaon

There are many schools that adhere to a certain standard of cleanliness ensuring your children are healthy and safe from diseases. Other factors relating to cleanliness you should look for –

  • Proper cleaning of toys, equipment, and classes multiple times a day along with the use of disinfectant as well.
  • Young ones learn proper washing etiquettes to ensure their hands remain dirt free.
  • Many preschools in Gurgaon also consists of small and child size sinks to help wash hands easily.
  • State of the art kitchen with clean appliances and tables help to keep food clean.
  • Chef along with his staff members ensure they wear disposable gloves of top quality while preparing the tasty food.
  • Some preschool facilities in Gurgaon also provide a clean laundry room in every section of the school. This ensures no clothes are contaminated and proper stocking of cleaning appliances.
  • All the rooms follow the set standard of cleanliness and hygienic procedure.

Preschool Facilities in Gurgaon Offer Smart Classrooms

In today’s education scenario the atmosphere and layout of classrooms have changed drastically. Many preschool facilities in Gurgaon offer state of the art rooms along with the following factors that help to develop children’s intellect to the next level.

  • Strong and tempered glass windows and walls that allow the child to look out and get inspired by the world around.
  • A lockers area for each child to store their personal belongings.
  • Small sinks allowing children the ease and comfort to wash hands.
  • A separate room for children to rest and attend to other medical needs.
  • In-class access to the playground that is properly fenced so as to avoid any unauthorized access.

Other Bonus Preschool Facilities in Gurgaon

Some special facilities that might help to make an informed decision are –

  • Intuitive classrooms which inspire children to perform to their best.
  • Top notch technology is helping many preschools to keep children entertained with useful knowledge.
  • Playgrounds with numerous swings and slides allow children to focus on physical development.
  • Some schools offer midday meals to children staying beyond the time of 12 noon.

These preschool facilities in Gurgaon schools certainly help to make the decision of picking one. However, it is also imperative to factor in the choice of your child. Not all top schools in Gurgaon are best suited for every child. So before selecting one, ensure your child is happy with the environment and learning atmosphere.