Playway School in Gurgaon focuses on enhancing multiple skills. One of the qualities that many pay special attention towards is social and emotional awareness. This skill leads to better interaction and communication with the people around. Moreover, the child will become confident in expressing his/her opinions without much fuss.

The best way to introduce this social skill to a child is through enactment and drama. The word drama incorporates different aspects of different individuals. However, all believe it helps in communicating and gives the edge of being more flexible. It brings in more value and opportunity in a session. The drama session can either be planned from before or on the spot. The point is, irrespective of how we view drama, it remains one of the most used manners of instilling qualities like social skills.  Let’s break down one dram session into parts to see how top playway school in Gurgaon uses it to help young ones.

Playway School in Gurgaon

Playway School in Gurgaon

Best Playway School in Gurgaon Vouch for Drama Play

One thing that any adult will agree is that drama setting is one of the easiest ways of acquainting young ones with social etiquettes. Teachers generally start with building on already present social skills individually and as a group. This allows both teachers and your child to gain the maximum amount from the situation. Basic drama consists of a few elements which we will discuss in detail further.

Working on Sharing Element in Playway School in Gurgaon

One of the most basic skills that all parents want their child to learn is sharing. The main motto behind early education is also somewhere connected to this skill. Although many parents are quite happy with their child sharing toys and food, drama includes the sharing of other aspects. Some of them include –

  • Sharing of ideas.
  • Talking with peers.
  • Sharing space with other children.

Main drama sessions revolve around communicating with others. This, invariably, includes the sharing of ideas and talking. A simple example of this is passing around a toy and introducing oneself to it. Moreover, this creates a situation wherein the child shares personal information with others.

Working in Team in Playway School in Gurgaon

In accordance with the above skill of sharing is another quality of teamwork. This is imperative to teach children to be able to work in a team or group.

  • Children enrolling in the best playway school in Gurgaon are quite adamant in not working in a team. They see the world in a different and personal way.
  • Drama sessions in school offer opportunity to become part of a group and accept a different kind of ideas.
  • This roleplay works on real-life situations which help to gain perspective for later life.
  • Teachers can incorporate different ways like reading a story. This story can be enacted by a group of students at a later time.
  • Children will have to work together to ensure all members get the option of acting their favorite part.

Teachers should make sure all the students are given appropriate praise for a job well done. Thus, this will encourage them for future drama sessions.

Enhancing Listening Skill in Playway School

Communicating, sharing and teamwork all involve speaking as well as the listening attribute. The child, thus, also develops on their listening skills through drama sessions. However, it is not just listening to words but emotions as well. It helps to understand the viewpoint of a person behind the said words. One of the best ways to include this is through role-playing.

We can safely say that drama brings out social communication in children easily. This kind of interaction is an important part of learning in playway school in Gurgaon. Thus, it is the best way to enhance social skills in children. A fun and enjoyable manner of learning social aptitudes are important for long and sustaining teachings.