Play schools in Gurgaon act as the first window for little kids to start their educational journey. Most of the surveys and research prove that the learning process a child starts at this stage is critical. It is imperative to form a positive base for the early development of a child in all aspects. Thus, the pressure is to find that one school which fits perfectly with the skills and mindset of your child.

What to Expect from a Play School in Gurgaon

Just because a school is popular or expensive, doesn’t mean it meets all the needs of your child. There are certain ground rules that you should look for in play school for your child. Furthermore, it is imperative the environment of the school agrees with the temperament of the child. Some of those are

  • Curriculum – The learning process of the child should have a basis on play way method. It means that a child learns faster through play activities and thus this method is advisable.
  • Teacher-Student Ratio – An ideal teacher-student ratio ranges from 1:10 to 1:13.
  • Student Age – A standard age to accept a child in play school should be around 1 as at this age child can stay away from their mother for a few hours. Hence, try to enroll your child only once they can stay away from you for at least a few hours.
  • Classroom – The room set for little ones should be bright and colorful to make them more interesting for the children.
  • Facilities – Availability of rooms specifically for activities, playpen and dining design.
  • Different Kinds of Activities – Play schools in Gurgaon should encourage children to take part in activities like storytelling, singing, dancing, art, and crafts, drama etc.
  • Staff Members – Apart from teachers the school should have different staff members like a doctor, dietician, and entertainer.
Play schools in Gurgaon

Play schools in Gurgaon

Best Play Schools in Gurgaon – Lancers Startup

When you make a list of top play schools in Gurgaon, one name that will crop up is Lancers Startup. This is so because we at Lancers Startup ensure that your tiny tot explores the world as they want. Our classrooms inspire children to take up challenges, complete them and be victorious. Our teachers keep the interaction with these wonderful kids at its maximum point. Moreover, all the kids receive equal attention and encouragement to complete different tasks. Consequently, they also garner praise for a job well done. We work on their

  • Reading and writing skills.
  • Maths Ability
  • Motor Coordination and Social Skills

Lancers Startup – Play School in Gurgaon Offers

As a general rule, Lancer Startup offers following benefits to play school children

  • The curriculum revolves around constant interacting and fun manner of learning through playful activities.
  • We try to maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:11 in order for equal attention to all children.
  • The children from the age of 18 months gain entry in the play schools. Below that age kids are enrolled in day care facility of the school.
  • For transportation purpose buses are available which proper experience and professional driver handle. Moreover, for your child’s security the buses consist of GPS tracker.
  • Classroom consists of a bright poster and colorful paints which help to keep happy and bright. Furthermore, an air-conditioning facility is also available to keep the temperature cool in hot summer days.
  • It is called one of the best play schools in Gurgaon because it gives children the option to choose the way they want to while their day away. They can play with toys, color or explore different rooms at their leisure.

In the end, it is important to remember that although top play schools in Gurgaon start off your child’s education, they should also focus on a fun aspect of life. Enroll your child into a school that offers warmth, comfort, and security to them. This will always help to make them more confident and self-reliant.P

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