Parents sending their children to play school is a significant step. This step gives students a huge amount of exposure to the outside world. Being a busy working parent, it is important for you to look for one of the best play schools in Gurgaon. By best, we mean that the play school must act as a second home to the child.

What is the concept of play school?

Play school is a place which serves children who are too young to start studying in elementary school. People often call it playgroup. Such schools in Gurgaon focus on developing various abilities and skills of the children in a playful manner. Teachers also believe that developing important skills like smart thinking, brainstorming is more valuable than teaching them rote learning.

Lancers Startup maintains the teacher-student ratio of 1:11 so that every student gets proper attention and care. The play school curriculum is all about interacting and learning with fun through playful activities.

Play Schools in Gurgaon

Play Schools in Gurgaon

How do play schools in Gurgaon operate?

In play schools, teachers and caretakers focus on teaching children the age-appropriate behavior. At this stage, children learn best by observing their surroundings. Play schools in Gurgaon provide students with lots of facilities like a huge play area, separate sand pit area to play, motor skill room, swings, toys and a lot more.

Notably, make a list of top play schools in Gurgaon and pay them a visit. This will give you insights into how these play schools operate. Lancers Startup is one of the best play schools which you will see on the list.

Attending play schools in Gurgaon? Is it really important?

Many parents feel that children develop these skills anyway as they grow up, maybe not as quick as with play school. They feel that there is no need to channelize free time as they are already under pressure. Sometimes even the safety of the child bothers them. Therefore, parents feel it is not important to send children to play school.  But they are unaware of the fact that play schools provide them with the environment and resources to learn the things which are most valued by society. Children learn better when they observe their peers. They meet new people and widen their thinking process. Even teachers take care and pamper them so that they feel like home.

What benefits do children seek from play schools in Gurgaon?

  • Learning

Most of the parents pamper their children to a lot extent with their basic needs. Whereas, play schools in Gurgaon provide children with the “right” thing and appropriate environment. They know what is appropriate for the child depending on the age and development stage. Teachers at top play schools help children to recognize their own possessions. So, children learn to identify their school bag, lunchbox, changing clothes and so on. All these seem to be an achievement because they are not born with these skills. It is the best play school that helps them develops these skills. Children learn to interact as they see elder children interacting. Also, they learn a lot when they play and socialize with their peers.

  • Positive attitude

Children at play schools evolve a positive attitude towards learning, comprehension and interaction with peers. They grow up to be a confident personality as they are taught to be more social and outgoing. They learn good habits at a very early stage. Therefore, play schools in Gurgaon are known for laying the foundation and providing a rich learning experience.

  • Free Play

Children get a room full of toys and do whatever they wish to do. They are not forced to do anything. Teachers observe the behavior of these children and find out activities related to their interests. When children stay with their parents, they do not get the opportunity to explore their own world. At play school, activities like playing, singing, dancing keeps them occupied and they learn a lot.

  • Social and emotional development

Play schools prepare students for further schooling as they help minimize separation anxiety. They learn to stay away from their parents for a while and gradually they start enjoying the play school. They learn to be independent and develop social skills like not interrupting, answering back, or speak whatever is on the mind in a well-behaved manner.

  • Trained Teachers

All the top play schools in Gurgaon have expert and trained teachers who not only take care of the students but provide them the best learning experience ever. Lancers Startup, one of the best schools in Gurgaon, has an outstanding team of caretakers and teachers. They exactly know how to treat children of different culture and different age group.

How to prepare your child for a play school?

There are some responsibilities that parent need to take care of, before sending their child to play school.

  • At play school, children learn through play. Therefore, parents must take some time to play games with them so that they get familiar with the concept of play school.
  • They have to be with other kids at play school, so take them to the park or for a short walk so that they see around.
  • You can leave your child with the grandparents sometimes. Firstly, they would love to have them and secondly they will spend some quality time away from home.
  • Play school in Gurgaon has fixed routine, so set a routine for your child like at what time he wakes up, eats breakfast, playing and sleeping.