Self-dependency, self-reliance, and self-exploration are a different part of identifying oneself. The child gets introduced to this in play schools in Gurgaon. These traits take root in the infancy age and grow till one reaches adult age. Preschool, nursery school, primary school, middle school and finally senior school aid in one way or another to develop the self-exploration.

The moment your toddler comes at play school age they start going through a phase. Herein, every element of the environment affects and reacts. This is the age when they start with the beginning of self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to the formation of a character on the basis of the child’s acceptance of self-belief.

Building of Self Esteem in Play Schools in Gurgaon

Self-esteem is an important part of personality development. It can go positive or negative with even a small action. Toddlers and playway school age children adopt different reactions of their peers, parents, and teachers into their self-esteem even while playing. They go towards the stage where they recognize part of themselves and have a sense of what belongs to them.

Even while playing with toys they accept which toys belong to them and which don’t. Top play school teachers, parents and other children they play with all have a role in the building of self-esteem. Thus, this is the age when you should start focusing on growing self-exploration through positive means.

Play schools in Gurgaon

Play schools in Gurgaon

Different Aspects of Self Esteem in Play School Age Toddlers

As they grow toward primary school age, the sense of competition controls their reactions. Hence, parents should ensure their performance in education must not affect their thinking. They are in the process of building self-esteem which can go high or low at any reaction. In order to keep their self-exploration on a high note, it is imperative to make them optimistic and confident. This is a combined effort of both parents and best play school in Gurgaon they go to.

Low self-esteem, on the other hand, in a toddler is a result of under-estimating and pessimism. This should be avoided at all cost and can be by making them positive even when they are struggling with some concepts. Parents have a special role here as toddlers in this age start looking for their complete approval.  Some tips that both parents and play schools need to follow are –

  • Encourage them to grow and try harder.
  • Always say there is scope to become better.
  • Don’t tell them what they can’t do. Teach them how to get a positive result.
  • Don’t give false appreciation but try to support to perform better.

Importance of best play school in Gurgaon for self-exploration

Play school doesn’t go about the learning process in the same way that nursery or primary school does. It is not a 7 hour long school day where kids learn with homework to be done and submitted. This concept of learning doesn’t start till primary school age.

Play schools in Gurgaon learning concepts are more through fun activities and playing with other kids. They allow children to grow, inquire and work on different part of learning like self-esteem and exploration. You can envisage Play school as daily get together a party of little kids with the careful guidance of an adult (teacher). The main concept of play school is to let children learn new things and explore the world before they get confined to four walls of education for the next 12 to 15 years.

Aim of Top Play Schools in Gurgaon

The main motto behind enrolling your child to any play school should be to develop and grow. These schools help in creating a base for social etiquette and creative skills. All the learning is given through fun and games. Even textbook learning is more of looking at pictures and identifying them. However, there are still many parents who wonder what exactly a child will learn when they have just started walking and talking. The list of the answer is here.

  • The child learns the basics for an easy transition into nursery school.
  • They help to socially connect your child with other children of the same age. This helps in being confident when they meet their peers in future learning age.
  • It is never easy to teach a toddler any major lesson even through fun and games. Their attention span is not more than 10-15 minutes for one activity. However, best play schools in Gurgaon try their level best to teach new concept every day.
  • Building a foundation of confident personality and self-dependency starts from here.

Thus, we can say that although not necessary, a year at least in play school can do wonders for your child. The decision, however, should be a careful one as not just any school will work. Ensure that you only enroll them in top play schools in Gurgaon which makes your child confident and secure.