Time-out is one acceptable form of discipline that many parents allow teachers to play school in Gurgaon. Any and all misbehavior requires proper disciplinary action. However, considering the young age of these toddlers, one of the best consequences is a time-out. It is the most efficient manner of teaching children the difference between what is acceptable and what is not. But what exactly does time-out includes and how does it affect children positively.

Play School in Gurgaon

Play School in Gurgaon

Time-out and How Does it Process in Top Play School in Gurgaon

Time-out basically includes not providing any form of attention towards the child for a specific time period.

  • Parents and teachers both also tend to take away certain privileges like favorite activities and toys.
  • This strategy generally helps children to understand that unacceptable behavior can result in an unpleasant time.
  • If the toddler is throwing a tantrum or refusing to share, parents can take put them into time-out while taking away the toy as well.
  • However, the best play school in Gurgaon believes in keeping a balance.
  • They believe that this trick works favorably in combination with other strategies. The children respond to the disciplinary acts better when the positive strategy is also there.
  • This makes time-out discipline strategy one of the most powerful tools. It does not affect children negatively as there is no scolding included.
  • On the other hand, praising for good behavior next time inculcates in mind that some kind of behavior is good and other is not acceptable.

Now let’s talk about how time-out actually functions and what kind of understanding children gain.

How to Process Time-out Strategy in Play School and Why Should Parents Support it?

  • When the teacher of top play school in Gurgaon gives out a time-out to toddlers for misbehaving they require complete support from the parents.
  • Once the child sees that parents are in support of this strategy they gain an important understanding. Children come to know that a certain type of behavior can result in losing time with friends and favorite activities.
  • Moreover, during this short period of time, children can think over what they did wrong. It gives the child the opportunity to make amends and not repeat the same behavior pattern.
  • The best part about time-out trick is that it is not violent like smacking or embarrassing like getting a scolding.
  • It does not bring negative behavior in children like shame or anger. These negative emotions tend to not allow children to think over their actions.

The thing to keep in mind is that it is equally important for your child to feel safe and warm. Once the punishment of time-out is over, parents should spend a little time with children. It will let them know that they are forgiven for their wrong behavior.

Tips to Make Time-out an Effective Strategy at Home & Play School in Gurgaon

Time-out trick works best if following tips are kept in mind.

  • It is for children between the age of 2 to 8 years old as children below that age does not understand the concept completely.
  • Parents should remain calm during the whole process. They should remember that the punishment for behavior got over once time-out was.
  • Once the child goes over 8 you can twist this strategy to include chores for the short duration of time.
  • Parents can choose to give a quiet time when they are outside and time-out when in the home.

Play school in Gurgaon also chooses to give quiet time in the class as a more effective tip. Parents and teachers should, however, remember to give complete detail before giving time-out punishment. It should include what exactly is a time-out, their misbehavior and the corrective measurement for the future.