Children are messy players. They entertain themselves by playing with substances that might not create a mess but they still end up messy. Play school in Gurgaon promotes this messiness as it can help in the child’s development. Children learn new concepts through different senses. Of these, the sense of touch is one of the most important factors. This kind of play factors in many different types of pretend play as well as work on fine motor skills.

Allowing children to indulge in messy play is not an easy decision as it creates a bit of chaotic environment. Moreover, it can be a bit dangerous also for children. However, parents need to understand that their toddler learns about the world and their surrounding from their senses. Furthermore, messiness helps to get a better understanding of the world around through a sense of touch and feel.

Play School in Gurgaon Offers Example of Messy Materials

Play materials don’t necessarily have to come under messy substance. They can act as an aid to the messy play. Some of the objects that come categorically under creating messiness are-

  • Water
  • Sand and dirt
  • Paint
  • Playdough
  • Clay
  • Mud

Objects that top play school in Gurgaon offer in as an aid to these messy materials are containers, scoops, and spoons. Let’s take an example of playing with dirt or sand. Children can use containers to keep sand in which can be of different shape and size. To pour in the sand, children can scoop and stir it with a spoon. Thus, these activities help in working on their fine motor skills as they are learning to coordinate both hand and eye to avoid spilling. Furthermore, you can also include pretending play here by making up a story through these materials.

Fun and Messy Acts in Top Play School in Gurgaon

One substance that many schools and families should allow their children to play with is mud. Toddlers are quite fond of this substance as it feels a little gooey in hand. It is one of the easiest objects to create as all you really need is water preferably in a spray bottle. Allow your child to venture in open playground. Playing with water is another favorite pass time of many children. They can either play with it in a spray bottle creating a mist or pour it into the container, splashing it around. This is one activity wherein you can just sit in a safe distance and keep watch. However, if you wish to join them then that is even better for children.

Top Tips for Messy Activities in Play School in Gurgaon

We understand that although the messy play is good for your child, it is an additional stress for parents. Cleaning up after your child is done getting messy is a major job. However, stress can be greatly reduced when parents use old clothes and allow children to mess with natural materials like sand and dirt. Moreover, children don’t require a huge amount of materials. When you limit the playing items, a little messiness can be avoided.

Most of the play school in Gurgaon asks parents to keep old clothes handy that can be just popped over the child’s head. These clothes should not restrict or hinder in playing. So ensure they are light and children are able to breathe freely. Another tip is to cover the area of play with old sheets or newspaper. This will help to avoid leaving prints behind if the child is playing with paint or something equally messy. However, if they are able to out in the playground or garden, then it is even better. It will help in the development of different areas for the child with the main one being coordination between hand and eye movement.