Play school in Gurgaon makes use of innovative ways to help your child eat healthy food. The biggest nightmare of any parent – how to make your child eat healthy and nutritious food? This one aspect has created many issues as healthy food basic taste is not fun. However, that does not mean you can’t make it tasty.

We are listing below some healthy snacks that you can tempt your child with. It is important to remember that healthy and nutritious food is needed for complete development of children. Different nutrients enhance the development of parts of children body, health, and mental stimulation.

Play school in Gurgaon

Play school in Gurgaon

Healthy Snacks in Play School in Gurgaon

Some of the snacks which will taste nice to your little guy and be equally healthy are listed down for your perusal.

  • Smoothies for Breakfast

The moment you add something sweet like vanilla yogurt to a vegetable or fruit smoothie, it becomes a tasty option for children. Moreover, this is one way to naturally provide all the nutrients without any added chemicals. The best part you can send the same to the play school in Gurgaon your child is attending. Thus making sure your child eats healthy even when he is out of the home.

  • Combining Snacks for Play School Snack Time

Every school has snack time wherein you can provide a healthy option for your child. Just mix up dry snacky items like dry fruits, nuts, cereals etc. They are not only delicious to taste but also a mess-free option. They contain nutrients like iron and magnesium which are imperative for proper growth and development of the child.

  • Healthy and Rich Breakfast

The first day of the meal should always be healthiest for everyone, but especially, for children. They spend a whole lot of energy throughout the day which starts right from the morning. You can try waffles made of whole grain which children will love as with fruit jelly and cheese, it will suit their sweet taste. On the other hand, the whole grain factor will ensure they eat healthily.

The above options are just some sweet and sneaky ways of providing essentials nutrients into your child’s diet. However, you should be cautious of force-feeding your child. They generally avoid which is good for their health. But with some tricks up your sleeve, it can be done in a playful manner.

Top Play School in Gurgaon Offer Tricks to Make Eating Fun

Number one fact – children are choosy and picky eaters. They do not care about the health factor in their food. Meal times become a nightmare for many parents if the child does not like the food. However, with the help of these tried and tested tricks you can survive this nightmare smoothly.

Everyone knows eating healthy food is a must for complete growth and development of the child. However, this falls as a duty for parents and to some extent teachers of the top play school in Gurgaon. The child is going to throw tantrum if the meal they are eating is not up to their taste. Forcing them to eat generally results in them crying or falling sick. This makes dinner/ lunch time a mini battle-field for all.

The solution to this is only one – give them what they want but with a twist. You as a parent are aware what taste your child prefers – sugary goodness or salty snacks. Inform the same to the teachers of the play schools in Gurgaon your child goes to and follow the tricks we are listing below for calm mealtime atmosphere.

Best Play School in Gurgaon Follows Quick Tricks

The tricks both parents and the school children go to can follow are

  • Create an Example

Children are imitators by nature. They follow and copy what the adults around them are doing. So the best way to make a child eat healthy food is to ensure every person in the house accepts the food easily. Your child will follow the pattern of eating you set for yourself with less amount of fuss. So, remember you eat healthily, your child imitates you and it results in a happy and growing environment in the house.

  • Check What to Give

Just because they are small does not mean they don’t use their brains. Children are keen observers and generally have an inkling where their tantrum will reap positive result. If they know that by crying about not so tasty food will result in them getting their favorite food, they will throw a tantrum. However, if you are adamant and ensure children know they don’t have an option they will eat, albeit reluctantly. Parents should ensure that the teachers of top play school of children also follow the same pattern.

  • Creative and Playful Way of Eating

Children are curious beings who love to complete tasks in their own manner and time. Once you make the meal time, breakfast/lunch/dinner, a game or challenge for your child, he/she will willingly try to eat all. You can try to imitate food items with cartoon character voices that will make the whole process more fun and lively affair. This is one of the common tricks many parents use to feed green vegetables. Noises of cars and airplanes are instant hits with children.

The tips and tricks will not solve the issue of picky eating of your child in just one day. However, over a period your child will easily accept healthy and nutrient-rich food without much fuss. All the tricks will not work on your child and there will be difficult days. You might even receive complaints from the best play school in Gurgaon regarding your child’s eating habits. Patience, effort, and understanding are three key attributes you will need.

Furthermore, the tips will require even more time to work magic the older child gets. Early you start with changing the food habits, easier it will be for your child to accept healthy diet. So, it is better to start as soon as possible and expose them to healthy food. Lancers – Preschool in Gurgaon is offering all these foodstuffs in your tiny-tots’ lunch.