Play school facilities in Gurgaon schools are one of the deciding factors for many parents to choose a particular school. These facilities along with other aspects of the school like learning environment and distance etc help parents to make an informed decision. Looking and sending your little munchkin to just about any school will not cut it. With this in mind, the research for the best school for your toddlers could take months. We have made a list of some aspects to keep in mind when looking for a play school.

Play School Facilities in Gurgaon

Play School Facilities in Gurgaon

Play School Facilities in Gurgaon Learning Environment

Toddlers entering into play school are venturing into the new environment for the first time. They require an environment that encourages them to learn new things and explore their surroundings. However, the manner of doing so also matters. Children this young are not ready to tackle heavy concepts and theoretical learning. Thus, parents need to be careful of this part of the school they are choosing for their children.

Best play school in Gurgaon makes learning an entertaining prospect through fun activities and games. Children can learn a lot through games that involve their five senses, namely – smell, touch, hear, see and taste. These activities help children to develop fine motor skills that further works on body coordination.

Top Play School Facilities in Gurgaon Schools

Facilities offered by the school play important role in facilitating not only security for children but also makes a day interesting for children. Although there are many facilities that a school can offer, some of the basic must haves are –

  • Large playground for children with some swings and other play types of equipment.
  • Large and positive vibes school corridors.
  • Colorful classrooms that can inspire and calm children at the same time.
  • A medical room with a trained staff member or nurse. Having a fully stocked first aid kit in all classrooms to treat minor wounds and scratches would be a bonus.
  • For top-notch security CCTV cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment at the main gate and inner corridors.
  • Dining area with small tables and chairs allowing children to eat peacefully.
  • Hygienic washrooms in play school in Gurgaon cleaned regularly.
  • Clean kitchen area where the food of young toddlers is being made.

Apart from these imperative facilities that all play schools should cater, there are bonus amenities parents can look for.

  • Activity Arcade
  • Games Pool Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Discovery Center
  • Children-friendly Gym
  • Music and Dance Arena
  • Mini Zoo or Pet Area
  • Story Telling Area

Some specific rooms for specific activities like story-telling, music and dance etc do not require special areas. Mostly, a large classroom is sufficient. However, if the top play school in Gurgaon you are choosing offers these then they offer added advantage to your child development.

Best Play School Facilities in Gurgaon from Home

If this is the first time your child is going out of the comfort of the home environment, then the best option for a school should be near one. Children at playway school age are quite young. Their focus on any one activity is limited. Moreover, their mood can change from being happy one minute crying in the next. In such emergency cases, if the child goes to school which is nearby, they can be brought home quickly.

There are many more deciding factors that will affect the decision of choosing the play school facilities in Gurgaon for your child. However, the above three play a major role in the growth and development of the toddler.


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