The best nursery schools in Gurgaon make sure that children are able to adjust to their surroundings. Whether children are starting school for the first time or moving from preschool to nursery schools, students have greater adjustments to make. This includes academic, social and emotional aspects. However, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to make children feel comfortable during the new session.

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery schools in Gurgaon make it challenging to prepare your kids but it does not have to be daunting

  • Facilitate familiarity with the school

For toddlers, it is difficult for toddlers to adjust at a new place with strangers. That’s the reason parents must familiarize the child with the new place as soon as possible where the child will spend quite a long time.

  • Practice saying goodbyes

When you drop the child at nursery school, some children run straight into the nursery schools without a backward glance. But for some, it is tough to leave their parents initially. So, do not keep running behind them. Try to explain to them that you will be back to pick them up when the school gets over. Do not get carried away by the tears and the trembling lips.

  • Urge your child to bond with other kids

There are kids who do not get along with other kids. You can take your child to the nearby play area or park where he can be a part of group tumbling around and playing. The experts at nursery schools in Gurgaon suggest all parents to arrange play dates for kids to make them socially active.

  • Reach a few minutes earlier while picking your child during the first week

During the initial weeks, make sure you come to nursery schools in Gurgaon back in good times to pick them up. Until he or she settles, might get anxious if you come late. Give them a little reward at the end of the week every time your child manages not to cry.

  • Kick-start your child’s learning

Share some positive ideas about nursery schools and tell some upbeat stories about your own nursery days. Read them stories about the new stage in life. For example, you can try “My first day at nursery school” by Becky Edwards. Keep paper, pen, crayons and other art supplies and encourage them to create whatever they want.

Best nursery schools in Gurgaon have expert staff and caretakers. Do let them know your child preferences. If despite all this, you find it difficult to leave your child then you have all the rights to rethink and check the nursery school that you chose for your child. But it is very obvious to feel a little apprehensive initially. Don’t let this come on your face when you are with your child. This might be frightening for him too.

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