Top Play Schools in Gurgaon is rising in the city with many young parents opting to send their children. These schools set up a learning environment which starts to build the foundation for future education. The best part is they do it in a fun and clever manner. There is a reason why young children are enthusiastic about school and teens are not. The play schools and other top nursery schools in Gurgaon aim to offer a comfortable and warm learning environment to these little munchkins.

There are many play schools in Delhi NCR, specifically in the Gurgaon region with many young families locating to the city. However, there are certain schools which offer extra special care. They end up making our list of top play schools in Gurgaon. Few details regarding the top 3 schools that you can check for your toddler is given below.

  • Lancers Startup

Tagline – Nursery and Daycare School

Top Play Schools in Gurgaon

Top Play Schools in Gurgaon

Lancers Startup is one of the most coveted play schools offering children an opportunity to learn and grow through games and activities. A safe environment led by trained teachers and staff members ensures your child will flourish and blossom. Their teaching methods along with the focus on personality growth make them a favorite of many.

Location of the Play School

Ug14, P Block,

Uppal South End,

Opp. Eldeco Mansions,

Sohna Road

Lancers Startup Timing and Duration

Lancers Startup offers two kinds of sessions of 10 and 12 hours each. You can choose either as per your convenience. The school timings for the children is from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm in regards to the session chosen.

Learning Process Lancers Startup Follows

The children undergo complete physical and mental growth with ample exposure to exploring the world around. Lancers Startup follows a holistic learning approach with proper attention to detail. The teachers undergo regular training to ensure they offer the best care to children. Lastly, children are encouraged to learn new things through games and activities. Most of the learning centers on playing and exploring the environment.

Focus on Playtime and Creative Activity

The children this young are not intellectually developed enough to study in the same manner as most of the older children going into primary and above classes. Thus, teachers here focus more on providing fun activities to teach children various values. The main base of play school is to teach lifetime qualities like confidence, responsibility, and self-reliance. This is what Lancers Startup aims at as well for children this young.

Lancers Startup – Uniform or Informal

A uniform brings evenness among children. Following this approach, some of the top play schools in Gurgaon set uniform for them.

  • Pathways Early Years

Tagline – A Pre-school with the heart of a family

Pathways school is one of the reputed franchise schools enjoying the status of the best schools in Gurgaon along with best boarding school. Consequently, when they came with play and school and other early year’s education format, they were accepted easily as one of the best. The exemplary facilities and quality we have come to expect with the Pathways tag are prevalent with Pathways Early Years as well.

Location of this Top Play Schools in Gurgaon

Location 1 –

Orchid Petals,

Sector 49

Gurgaon, Haryana


Location 2 –

Golf Course Road

Sector 55,

Gurgaon, Haryana


Pathways Early Years Timing and Duration

School duration for children at different age level is unique to their stage. The infants and toddlers who avail daycare facility are for 3 hours duration, children in play schools spend around 4 hours. Children in nursery or kindergarten classes stay on for 5 hours. Early Years also accept children up to 12 years of age beyond school timings in the daycare facility.  Lastly, parents need to ensure timely arrival of children in the school in case of personal pick and drop facility.

Learning Process Pathways Early Years Follows

Children in the top play schools in Gurgaon enjoy the opportunity to learn through a proper schedule which includes teaching in a creative play manner. This schedule is designed to include both indoor/outdoor activities and games. Although they try adhering to the schedule timing and process at all times in order to avoid any disruption. Some minor adjustments to take place at times when field trips are in place for the children. This allows for the hands-on experience which is practical and reinforces what they learn in class. This leads to experiential learning which what this play school in Gurgaon aims for.

The nurturing of curiosity and exploring the quality of children helps them to build self-reliance and confidence. Pathways Early Years further provides various stimulations as per the age of the children. They are engaging, relevant, challenging, and lastly encourages them to stretch themselves lightly in all directions. The school pays attention to the outdoor play and field trips as long as the weather agrees. Some types of activities that children connect and communicate are –

  • Free Play
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Storytelling
  • Reading and Writing
  • Puzzles

Focus on Playtime and Creative Activity

There are two kinds of playtime and activities set up for children.

  • Indoor Play / Activity – All the children are given ample opportunity to play with toys and puzzles as per their age. Each age group of children is allowed to choose toys as per the intellect and physical growth. Regular training of the teachers helps them to learn the interaction level and requirement of children in play school. This further helps to build and fine-tune the motor skills and moreover, helps in the creative thinking of the children.
  • Outdoor Play / Activity – If the weather allows, children are let out to play in the grounds every day for a certain time. For this kind of play and activities, parents are generally requested to provide with extra pair of appropriate clothing. Different activities that children and teachers partake in are – walks, swing sets, water play (swimming), sandpit and gardening. In case a certain child is sick and not well enough to play out in the sun and water. Furthermore, parents should relay the same to teachers when the children are dropped in the morning to avoid any mishap.

Pathways Early Years – Uniform or Informal

Children enrolled in play schools and beyond have to wear a specific uniform. As told before the learning process includes equal time out in the playground. Thus, parents should provide with the appropriate type of clothing. The school, on the other hand, offers apron on their own to avoid stains of paint and food. Lastly, all the clothes parents bring in should be in accordance with the weather.

  • Klay / Intellitots Early Learning Centre

Tagline – Kids Learning and You / Prep Schools and Daycare

Klay School has numerous centers placed all over Gurgaon ensuring you can access its exemplary services for your children nearest to home. This also eases the burden of drop and pick of children to and from office/home. All the classrooms irrespective of location are beautifully decorated with bright colors and charts. Large open grounds along with green space allow children to mingle, grow and appreciate nature at the same time. The extra facility that each center offers is of safety and security through alarms and emergency exits, padded edges of tables and chairs.

Location of this Top Play Schools in Gurgaon

With numerous centers in Gurgaon, the top 3 locations of KLAY are –

Location 1 –

Old Delhi – Gurgaon Road

Near Krishna Chowk

Sector 19

Gurgaon, Haryana


Location 2 –

Nursery Site

Essel Tower, M.G. Road

Sector 28, Iffco Chowk

Gurgaon, Haryana


Location 3 –

Nursery Site No. 4106

DLF Phase 4, Ashok Marg

Near Galleria Market

Gurgaon, Haryana

Intellitots Early Years Timing and Duration

Considering there are numerous centers in play under this school, play school timings for children might vary a little. However, duration to a certain extent remains the same of about 3 hours. School timing for above-mentioned locations is detailed below as per the location.

  • Area Location 1 – 9 A.M. to 12 P.M.
  • Location 2 – 9:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
  • Location 3 – 9:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

Learning Process KLAY Follows

The learning process for play school section in KLAY is designed keeping the intellect level of children at this age. The fundamental understanding and development of a child’s brain are maximum in their first six years of life. Keeping this in mind the school aids the children to start on the lifelong learning experience through both social and emotional growth. The main focus of this learning process in top play schools in Gurgaon is to develop qualities like independence, creativity in the thinking process and lastly, communication aspect.

Focus on Playtime and Creative Activity

The curriculum of KLAY inculcates creative programs that are designed as well as handled by professionals. These activities help children to develop creative expression as well as boost up the exploring and thinking development. However, these programs and activities are different in various centers and are as per their location in the city. We are listing one such prominent program as an example below.

CueMath is one such program that offers insight into the subject beyond the school level. It touches three main aspects of Maths – Concept, Aptitude, and Reasoning. It is based on the independent curriculum designed to help your child in understanding the subject.

The three schools we have listed are in the list of top play schools in Gurgaon as they have gained popularity amongst young parents for providing extra facility and connection with them. However, this list is in no way exhaustive one and you should have at least 5 schools to check before selecting any one.