Young children moving to kindergarten school in Gurgaon are just learning to explore their surrounding. They are beginning to see what kind of attitude they should adopt to gain appreciation. On the other hand, some actions of theirs can result in punishment and scolding. Toddlers at this age can be easily molded to display correct behavior. However, it all depends on the disciplined manner you take up with them.

Discipline, in essence, marks a line for correct behavior and what will not be acceptable. It guides children towards appropriate behavior expected of them. However, it is important to remember that just one strategy of discipline does not work for every infraction. Different kind of misbehavior should be corrected with specific discipline strategy. Apart from the type of misbehavior, the strategy also depends on the age of the child.

Apart from discipline, there are other ways of including and teaching correct behavior in the child going to top kindergarten school in Gurgaon.

Kindergarten School in Gurgaon

Kindergarten School in Gurgaon

Discipline in Essence in Best Kindergarten School in Gurgaon

Discipline is more than just punishment. In fact, it deals in positive ways of teaching good behavior. All the strategies that you employ should help your child to learn in a correct manner. For this to have the required impact, it should be given by someone who is close to the childlike parents or favorite teacher in a kindergarten school in Gurgaon. The foundation of discipline is set on how good communication skills are of between child and parent/teacher. They should help the child to –

  • Understand what kind of behavior is acceptable at home, at a play date, daycare school in Gurgaon or nursery school in Gurgaon.
  • Having control over their behavior which in turn helps to develop social skills like sharing and communicating with others.
  • Develop emotional awareness that can aid in communicating their feelings freely.

Most parents use different measures such as time out or taking away of toy or favorite game while disciplining their children. However, the key to corrective behavior lies in the approach they use for the same.

Discipline Approach in Kindergarten Schools in Gurgaon

The approach or strategy you choose to discipline your child should have a balance of praise and punishment. On one hand, when you do not offer guidelines and discipline to your child, they might feel unloved. However, too much of discipline in a negative sense can lead to fear which never teaches children. It only ends up creating anxiety and terror of the home environment in children.

The main point is to be firm but fair. Being firm, however, is never easy with young children. You have to set restrictions and consequences of crossing the limit as well.  It is equally important to appreciate good behavior to ensure they don’t repeat bad one but will continue with the correct behavior. The type of discipline you choose depends on many factors like parenting style, kindergarten school, age and stage of learning and their temperament.

Setting Behavior Limit in Top Kindergarten School in Gurgaon

Laying a blueprint of what kind of behavior is fine and which has to change ensures the child knows his/her boundary. In order to set this behavior expectation, you can try the following tips.

Set Rules for Family Members

Having a set of rules for all family members can help your child feel he has to follow them as everyone else is. However, ensure you put in only 3-4 rules so that your toddler is able to remember them. Some of the rules can be –

  • Being nice to each family member.
  • Helping out in and around the house.
  • Finishing what is on the plate.
  • Being responsible for our own things.

These rules can be changed and become more exclusive as the child grows. You can also involve them is deciding rules and acceptable consequences.

Top Kindergarten School in Gurgaon Praises Good Behavior

Whenever child behaves in an acceptable manner, follows the rules and correct their behavior, praising them can instill repetition of the same. It is important to be open and descriptive when praising so that they know what they did right. You need to inform your child what you like about their action or behavior. Some examples are – “Shweta I like how you shared your favorite toy with your friend. It is important to share and care for others. Good Manners!!”

Keep in tune of who are following the rules and be firm on consequences on breaking the same. Some options are

  • Giving a time out to your children,
  • Revoking a privilege like watching TV,
  • Restricting pocket money

However, it is important that the punishment should match the misbehavior whether at home or in the kindergarten school in Gurgaon. This helps to make the child aware of what will happen if they behave incorrectly.