Choosing a kindergarten school Gurgaon for your growing child is not going to be easy. Even if the school is one of the best in the area, it is not necessary to be best for your child. It is imperative to select a school which satisfies the need and requirement of your child. The curriculum of the school should cater to all the growth and development of the child.

Parameters for Selecting Top Kindergarten School Gurgaon

It is important to have a clear idea as to what you are looking for in the school for your child. There are certain parameters to keep in mind before selecting any school.

  • Location: First and foremost, be specific about the location.
    • Take a decision that is best for your child and not what is convenient for you.
    • Is it beneficial for your children to have a school near your office or home is up to you to decide?
    • No matter what you choose, ensure you are able to reach school as soon as possible in case of an emergency.
  • Structure and Philosophy: What kind of structure you want to give your child’s future depends on the structure and motto of the school. Be extra diligent with the philosophy and vision of the school.
  • Toys and Equipment: Before selecting a kindergarten school for your child, check what kind of toys and equipment they employ. Toys that children use in daily activities and games should help in developing them. It should encourage to think out of the box and stimulate them to play with others.
  • Trips in and around the city – In case the school allows for field trips then what is the arrangement process. The transportation of the child to and from is imperative topic to discuss. Moreover, ensure that the topic of the trips is in accordance with the child’s age.
  • Medical Emergencies – Children curious by nature. They want to try every activity at least once. In this process, they at times also hurt themselves. So the question to ask is whether the staff members are given any training in first aid. They should be able to handle a minor injury in the school premises. Also, a medical room with a trained nurse should also be available at hand.

Top Kindergarten School Gurgaon – Program

The school should inculcate a curriculum inclusive of numerous activities supporting positive growth of the child. This program should be planned much in advance and shared with parents. It should include following elements that one way or another support child’s personality development.

  • Both indoor and outdoor games.
  • Quiet and sleeping time.
  • Activities for both individual and group tasks.
  • Healthy snacking time.
  • Free time for children to do their own thing.

There are many kindergarten school Gurgaon which also includes showing TV or videos to children. If these videos are for educational purposes, then it is ok. However, it is your duty, as a parent, to ensure whether what your child is watching is right for them or not. Moreover, the programs should also be as per age of the child.

Best Kindergarten School Gurgaon Welcome with Warm Environment

A clean and warm environment is what best kindergarten school aim for. Once you have shortlisted few of the school for your child’s education, visit each school. Ensure the whole surrounding is safe and clean for your child from walls and bathrooms to toys and kitchen. Moreover, the visit to school should include inspection of the kitchen as the child will be eating food prepared there. The kitchen staff should be aware of your child’s diet and allergies, if any, towards certain food items.

The staff members catering to food department should keep in mind certain habits and etiquettes like –

  • Covering mouth while coughing or sneezing.
  • Using tissues for wiping a running nose
  • Washing hands thoroughly

Lastly, before you put in your child into the hands of other play schools in Gurgaon, ensure that the school is safe for them. The top kindergarten school Gurgaon do not allow anyone to enter premises without any authorization. There should be no to limited contact (only in an emergency) of strangers with the children.