How many hours do kids spend on screen-based activities such as watching videos on smartphones, tablets or laptops? Screen time is an unavoidable reality of children today. Parents should be as aware of limiting screen time as possible: the more television kids watch, the less ready they may be for nursery schools.

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery Schools in Gurgaon

Nursery Schools – But what is screen time?

Screen time is the amount of time a person spends in fronts of digital displays like TV, computer, tablet or smartphones. As kids grow, their screen time tends to grow with them. And even very young children these days are spending a significant amount of time each day staring at screens.

Children who spend more than two hours have the following symptoms

  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pains
  • Eye strain or irritated eyes
  • Poor behavior
  • Reduced attention span

These symptoms potentially affect the academic and social performance of the child. Therefore, infants and toddlers must have little or no screen time at all. Parents turn to these electronic gadgets to keep children busy so that they finish off their task like preparing dinner or completing office work. According to research, children should have no exposure to media devices up to 2 years of age. Unfortunately, this is not happening today.

Long-term consequences

There are a lot of abilities that are harmed – an ability to focus, concentrate, lend attention, building vocabulary or communicate with people. There are chances that too much screen time at a young age can do permanent damage to brain development. The age between birth and 3 years, the brain develops very quickly and is very sensitive to the surrounding.  The first tender years become the permanent foundation upon which all later brain function is built.

What does longer screen time actually do to your child?

  • Engagement of the child reduces in a real-time environment

Infants and toddlers naturally learn from their environment. Physical activities at nursery schools in Gurgaon ranging from walking to playing on the premises and interacting with the peers are all fundamental to their growth.

  • Too much screen time weakens social and communication skills

Longer screen time gives no room for communication and social skills. Physical activities give children the chance to think and overcome spatial reasoning while engaged in constant communication with their parents or peers. So, young children need to be encouraged for more real-time play.

Nursery schools in Gurgaon teach how to cut back on screen time

  • Set limit on screen time

“No screen” rule is just so that two hours before the child goes off to bed. You must set a time limit on your child for using a phone. Spend more quality time together and less screen time with your child.

  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses to reduce blue light

One of the solutions is to buy eyeglasses with lenses that reduce the amount of blue light that enters the eyes from computer, e-tablet and smartphone screens. The best option for superior protection from harmful blue light from the sun — is a pair of polarized sunglasses for outdoor wear.

  • Keep the computers and TVs in a shared space of your home

It becomes easier to keep an eye when you place these devices in the living room. You can always see what they watch and stop them if they watch it for too long.