Preschools selection for parents has become even more difficult. In the current scenario, there are many education philosophies available for young children. It has become highly imperative to choose one that fits your child’s needs and requirement. Thus we have compiled important information about two main types of education philosophy – Montessori and Waldorf, below for your perusal.

Top Preschools in Gurgaon with Montessori Philosophy



This philosophy works under the guidance of trained teachers with the needs of children at its center. All young children have to do is play as the teachers try to teach them through fun activities and games. Although the academics do get its due, the individual pace is set for all children. Moreover, all the games and toys preschools in DLF Gurgaon having Montessori education, offer children are specific kind.

Under Montessori, they see these toys as manipulative and are generally self-corrective. In essence, it allows children to learn to use games and toys correctly on their own as incorrect manner does not provide the result. Example of this is puzzle games and fitting toys together in given slots. Lastly, as the children learn at their own pace, the age bracket within one class is not one year. Suppose you are looking into preschools in Gurgaon, then the age bracket will probably be from 3 to 5. This, in turn, allows older children to act as role models for little ones. Moreover, older children are able to build self-esteem and responsibility as younger ones look up to them for guidance.

Waldorf Philosophy in Best Preschools in Gurgaon

Preschool claiming to be Waldorf School can be trusted to be true to Waldorf philosophy. This is so because the school can only claim the same if all its teachers and staff are certified with the philosophy. This education approach functions on the principle of structure. They work to provide a set routine to children like particular activities only on set days. Examples for the same are story acting on Wednesday and theater on Friday etc. The predictable routine along with the unification of ages children in same class sets this education philosophy apart.

Focus to a great extent is on learning in a familiar structure but in a creative manner. Qualities like sharing, cooperation with other children all in the comfort of the home-like environment are what they offer to parents.

Now you have a certain idea of about two famous education approaches in preschools in Gurgaon. You can take a look at your own requirements and your child’s needs to enroll in the school that meets both criteria.