Now that the rejoining date to your office is coming near, the time has come to look for daycare schools for your child. Searching and selecting one daycare that meets both your and your child’s needs is not an easy task. Although logistically it is tough to find a perfect one, it is even tougher emotionally on parents. You are looking for daycare for kids which has similar if not same values and schedule as yours. The good news is you have a couple of options to choose from. It is not necessary to send your child to daycare centers as you can hire nannies or send them to family-run daycares. But, to make this selection easy for you we are giving details for each type of daycare below.

Daycare Schools

Daycare Schools

Hiring Nannies in Place of Top Daycare Schools

Live-in foreign nannies that you don’t mind sharing the house with are called AU Pairs. However, if you want to hire someone only for daytime, that is an option also. Both of these options are feasible if you don’t mind paying a little extra than others. Moreover, if there is another child who has to be driven to school and other places, then hiring someone to take care for certain hours is a better option.

Some pros of having a nanny

  • The hours of service are much more flexible. Even the best daycare schools in Gurgaon have specific hours for children.
  • Complete focus is on your child as there are no other children to take care of.
  • The child stays at home so the need to carry important things all over the place is not there.

Cons of hiring a nanny

  • If you have hired a nanny from an agency, you will have to pay an agency fee as well.
  • The pay is slightly higher than putting the child into a daycare center near me.

Locating Daycare Schools in Gurgaon

Daycare schools or centers running in your city are one of the best options for your child. These caregivers hire staff members who are not only trained but also have credible experience in taking care of infants as well as toddlers. Furthermore, the teachers here try to get your child to become socially active and explore their surrounding through various means.

Pros of Daycare Schools

  • Regularly trained and experienced staff members.
  • There is a proper structure for the day making the routine for baby at home easier.
  • Work daycare centers allow for convenient time spending in both places.

Cons of Daycare Schools

  • You might have to face waiting lists.
  • The schedule of the baby might change to match with that of daycare school.
  • You will have to drop and pick your child up from school every day.

Selecting Family Run Daycare Center

This kind of daycare is run from homes of a family having a certified daycare service provider. This establishment is perfect for infants and small children, as the setting to an extent is similar to that of their home. Moreover, your child will probably have the company of other children of similar age.

Pros of Family Daycare

  • It is cheaper than hiring nanny or daycare schools.
  • The environment is calm and rejuvenating for children.
  • Similar kinds of bonds amongst children and adults alike as at your own home.

Cons of Family Daycare

  • In case the daycare provider has a sick child; you might be out of daycare option.
  • The care given to your child varies from family to family.
  • There might be a certain level of competition at a later stage between you and the caregiver.

Selecting daycare schools for your children is as easy as you want. All you have to do is be sure about the kind of care you want for your child. Just put the needs of your child in priority and ensure all your needs are in tandem with them.