Daycare school in Gurgaon is an excellent opportunity for your child to mix with other children. The children require the attention of not only adults but the company of their peers to blossom and flourish positively. They need to play with children their own age in order to gain independence and become self-reliant. Furthermore, this playtime with their friends makes your child gain emotional and social qualities like sharing and bonding with others, etc.

Parents and top daycare school in Gurgaon can help to improve the social qualities and skills. They can arrange for play dates and group sessions with peers and other toddlers. Parents should remember to have certain rules in place for these play times. However, parents with an introvert and shy children will need to deal with these play dates a little differently. We are listing below some tips for your child to have a hassle-free and delightful time.

Best Daycare School in Gurgaon Talk about Sharing Toys

Sharing toys and games is never easy for children. They are generally very possessive about things that belong to them. However, an outgoing child has an easier time sharing toys in comparison to the introvert toddler. If your child is shy and doesn’t like to share any of his belongings, then play time can become a little frustrating for all.

  • Placate your child by saying that they don’t have to share all the toys. Only select ones which are not his favorite.
  • Give them the freedom to choose the toys and games in advance to share with their friends. This will help them to be in control of the situation. Moreover, try and bring out the new and unused colors or clay material to play with. As your child is yet to claim it as theirs, it will be easier to share with peers who are coming over.
  • There is a possibility that your child might change his/her mind about sharing toys at a later time. Don’t be forceful. Calmly remind him of the conversation you both had regarding sharing toys. Furthermore, also try to ensure other children have a good time.

Whether the play date is taking place in the local daycare center near me or at home, it is imperative to keep an eye on the children. But try not to hover and interfere unless totally necessary. The children are resilient by nature and can adapt to situations if given a chance. The main motto is to provide a surrounding which is warm and comfortable to explore new avenues.

Top Daycare School in Gurgaon Offer Tips for Firm Bonding

Apart from arranging playdates, there are few options parents and daycare for kids can adapt to balance the child’s personality and help them to form firmer bonds.

Set Positive Example

Children are curious and imitators by nature. They want to explore everything happening around them and follow all the actions that adults perform. Thus, they mostly ingrain the habits of their parents and teachers. Top Daycare school your child goes to plays an important role in teaching social skills. It is, in essence, connecting and bonding them with other children. Parents can help their child to form these connections by teaching them to be kind and open. For this, they themselves have to portray a polite and caring attitude towards others.

Appreciation and Love

Most of the children derive their importance from the attention and love they receive from their parents. In order to build a positive self-identity and gain the confidence to handle situations, they require unconditional support and love from their parents. This also helps the child to mix with other children and open for new challenges.

Another to keep in mind is appreciation. The appreciation they get from teachers of the best daycare school in Gurgaon is quite different from what they get from the parents. No matter how big or small a task, appreciation of the same plays a big role in building a good image for the children. Even appreciating saying ‘Good Morning’ can help to develop confidence and motivate the children to try and do better.