About Lancers StartUp

Lancers StartUp is a co-educational Early Childhood Learning Centre for children ages 12 months to 3.5 years. It has a strong focus on pastoral care and developing the the unique talents of very young children.

We are renowned for our warm, safe and friendly environment where the children are nurtured by well-qualified and caring teachers.

Our Early Childhood Programme provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment where young children can enjoy a mixture of structured and free-play activities that develop body coordination, independence, sense of responsibility and thinking skills.

Robert Book


Nature is the best educator. It is universal, absolute and constant. We believe, Lancerians will inherit its completeness. They will be humanitarian in their approach, deft at adaptation, innovative and resourceful in times of crisis and international in their outlook, capable of carving a home for themselves in any global grid.


LIS Startup’s mission is to provide an environment in which all young Lancerians will become lifelong learners, who are responsible, disciplined, and ethical citizens of the world. Lancerians are understanding and respectful towards people of all races and cultures.

We work towards developing each child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We provide an environment that maintains a healthy balance between academics and sports.

We provide engaging learning experiences where each child develops a sense of self, responsibility and strong values. Through differentiated learning guided by the multiple intelligence theory developed by Howard Gardner Learners, the children are able to develop a positive image of themselves, their peers and everything around them.

We are committed to providing best practices in early childhood education and having the finest preparations that will prepare young learners for their ongoing education.

As well as for a rewarding a better life, we create a learning environment that develops self-confidence and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.