About Us

An early education of a child plays an important role in developing the overall personality at later stage. Lancers Startup takes this role very passionately for the children entering in our preschool in Gurgaon between the ages of 12 months to 3.5 years. With complete concentration on development of the skills of these tiny tots and offering supreme quality of pastoral care we ensure all the needs of your child are met sufficiently.

It is every child’s right to have a warm childhood filled with joy, games, exploring and imagination. These are the basis and principles of our learning environment for your children. When you enroll your child in the top play school in Gurgaon, you venture into a warm family of Lancers Startup catering to all the wants and needs of your little one. We create a caring surrounding for your child with creative activities for smooth transition to next level of learning. Our play school activities are based on body co-ordination, being responsible, independent and use their mental skills.

Early childhood programme we offer ensures your child grows in a safe and caring atmosphere which nurtures and develops their personality with positive influence. It is our duty to provide all the information regarding the curriculum and learning processes followed by the school for your child.


At Lancers Startup the vision of every member is to develop the child as universally as possible. We believe that nature is the best teacher as it is constant and absolute in its element. The approach of these little Lancerians towards life should be humanitarian, innovative and resourceful at its best with qualities of adaptability when facing a crisis. We aim to build a positive global attitude in these future leaders of the world.


Lancers Startup’s mission is to provide an environment in which all young children will become lifelong learners, who are responsible, disciplined, and ethical citizens of the world. Lancerians are understanding and respectful towards people of all races and cultures.

We at Lancers Startup aim towards overall development of the child in all aspects from emotionally and intellectually to physically and socially. For this purpose we offer conducive environment that has perfect balance of co-curricular and sports with that of academics.

The learning environment offered in play school touches base of developing responsibility and other values thereby creating an identity of self to some extent. By adopting the essence of multiple intelligence theory by Howard Gardner Learner the Lancerians are able to establish a positive self-image along with that of their peers and surrounding.

Our main commitment towards these children is to prepare them for lifelong learning process by offering positive early childhood practices. Moreover, for quality life we further create an environment where your young child is able to become self-reliant and be open to more learning experience throughout their life.