Crawlers (12 – 18 months)

Children admitted in the Crawlers class will be first taught how to overcome their anxiety caused by the separation from the comfort and familiar surroundings of their home.

The learning environment will focus on providing infants with a secure avenue to explore and develop their gross motor skills, responsive caregiving and early language support.


Lancers Startup follows the PYP Early Years Curriculum. The age appropriate curriculum facilitates the individual development of each child. The curriculum allows children to explore ideas and inquire through structured inquiries.

Values such as respect, cooperation, honesty, concern for the others feelings are inculcated throughout the day-to-day activities at the school.Children learn through inquiry and hands on learning methods inspired by the Montessori approach of learning for young children developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Unique Features of Montessori Teaching:

  1. All subjects are integrated with one another to create a holistic approach to learning
  2. Structured learning environment that facilitates multi-range interests and capabilities
  3. Mixed-age group classrooms to promote cooperative learning, teaching and social interaction
  4. A harmonious atmosphere that builds a sense of community and harmony
  5. A holistic child-centred programme that allows each child to develop at his/her own pace


  1. Crawlers Class – 12 months to 18 months
  2. Tiny Tots Class – 18 months to 24 months
  3. Discoverers Class – 2 to 2.5 years
  4. Explorers Class – 2.5 to 3.5 years

Please speak directly to the Admissions Manager in order to receive a registration form. Once the registration from is completed and handed over to the admissions office, the school contacts the parents for a tour.


Each teacher at Lancers Startup is a government certified early childhood educator. The school has full time specialists in music, dance, drama, visual arts and also a full time child psychologist.

Our staff members are sensitive to the needs of the children in their class and ensure that the environment they work in is safe and contributes fully towards the Child’s personal and academic growth.

At Lancers Startup children are taught to think, by teachers who inspire them. The School provides them with abilities, techniques and interest that will drive them towards love for knowledge throughout their lives.

Equality and Diversity

We aim to promote equality of opportunity for all its students and staff regardless of their social, cultural and economic backgrounds. We ensure freedom from discrimination on the basis of disability, race, gender, religion, and ethnic background. Equality and diversity are integral part of our school objectives and we aim to promote these values within our school environment.